About US:

You may be curious about the origin of Dirty Mitten Designs.  To answer that question, we must begin in the year 2000.  Our co-founder Cameron began his dream of building core skate shop in Lansing Michigan with a simple sketch on a napkin.  It was a sketch of the lower peninsula with crossbones behind it.  This iconic image became the branding for The Black Spot Skate Shop which opened its doors in 2001.  From the Black Spot family came Andy Kenyon and Aaron Bruski.  Andy was starting a career as a screen printing artist and Aaron was one of the few sponsored riders for Black Spot. The 2 became close friends with a similar love for clothing, design, and substance abuse.  Sadly, the Black Spot's reign was short lived.  The doors were closed less than a year later.  Many of the team eventually moved on and began to scatter around the country.  Cameron and his partner Scotty moved to Kauai. 

Fast Forward 10 years....

Aaron and Andy had both moved to northern California and continued to keep in touch with their Hawaiian pals.  The conversation soon began about reconnecting with the guys and rekindling our creative relationship by making some gear with a Michigan pride undertone. Designs were soon passed around.  Screens were soon burnt and once again, as a collective unit, we were ready to open our doors again.  Dirty Mitten Designs was born.

So what the heck are we making now?

We've started off simple with something we all love, t-shirts.  Our first line is going to be a constantly growing collection of designs that represent our individual styles, as well as represent our love of the motherland, aka The Dirty Mitten we all call home no matter how far away we might be.  Look forward to guest artists from the Mitten as well as all over the country throwing down on some killer upcoming designs. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Are they just t-shirts?

Actually dude, the answer is simply NO.  We are super proud of these hand made items and here are some reasons you should be wearing the gear:

-Premium distressed cotton shirts as our canvas

-High quality discharge ink dyeing and screening process. ( We actually dye the  cotton of the shirt making the image an  organic part of the garment that feels like  your favorite shirt right out of the box.  We've  done all the work so it feels and looks amazing.

-All items made in USA by Andy, Aaron, and  his wife Misia.  You should see the little assembly line we have going, its pretty funny!  We are doing it all, so when  you get your package, know that its been  handled with love by a friend!